Biotechnology Initiative

Through its Biotechnology Initiative, USUF aims to advance the state of biotech in Ukraine by fostering educational, research and business development in the sector and raising international awareness about biotech opportunities in Ukraine.  The Foundation envisions providing support to Ukrainian students, researchers and entrepreneurs who wish to engage with the American biotech community through educational exchanges, attendance at conferences and participation in trade shows.  To facilitate this process, USUF became a member of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, the world’s largest biotech association, the mission of which is to help “create an environment for successful innovation across healthcare, agricultural, industrial and environmental biotechnology which is transforming how we heal, fuel and feed the world.”

Biotech Initiative News

Lviv is Launching a Biotech Cluster

The City of Lviv has begun the process of creating a Biotechnology Cluster to foster collaboration between researchers, universities, business and the local community in this dynamic and promising field.  Iryna Bukhnii, coordinator of the cluster, explains that the...

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Lviv is Launching a Biotech Cluster

New Initiatives at the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation (USUF), a U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nongovernmental organization established in 1991 to support democracy, a free market and human rights for Ukraine has recently undertaken a variety of new initiatives aimed at assisting Ukraine in its...

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New Initiatives at the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation

USUF Biotech Initiative at Boston BIO Convention

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation's Biotech Initiative Booth #528 at the June 4-7, 2018 BIO International Convention in Boston showcased Ukraine's emerging biotech leaders, entrepreneurs and start-ups.  Great interest was evidenced  by the many visitors to the booth over...

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USUF Biotech Initiative at Boston BIO Convention

USUF to Recognize Emerging Biotech Leaders in Ukraine

As part of its Biotechnology Initiative, the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation (USUF) is currently accepting nominations for its 40 Under 40 Emerging Leaders in Biotech awards program.  The Foundation seeks to recognize 40 innovators under the age of 40 in biotechnology, a...

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USUF to Recognize Emerging Biotech Leaders in Ukraine

Recognizing 40 Under 40 Leaders in Biotech in Ukraine

Leaders in Biotech in Ukraine Recognizing 40 Under 40 $25,000 in Prizes To Go To Top Awardees  (NEW deadline: april 30, 2018)   As part of its Biotechnology Initiative, the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation (USUF) is currently accepting nominations for its 40 Under 40...

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U.S. - Ukraine Foundation Biotech Initiative

USUF’s Biotech Advisory Board

USUF seeks to develop a reservoir of expertise for the project by developing a U.S.-Ukraine Biotechnology Advisory Council.  The current members are listed, below. For more information about USUF's developing Biotechnology Initiative, regardless of aspect or type...

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Ukraine Biotech Initiative

USUF’s Biotechnology Initiative Goes to Kyiv

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation has begun promoting its new Biotechnology Initiative in Ukraine and started exploring possible areas of collaboration with the Ukrainian biotech community. In a series of meetings and conference appearances in Ukraine, USUF's Vice...

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USUF’s Biotechnology Initiative Goes to Kyiv

More About The Biotechnology Initiative

The project, aimed to support the advancement of biotechnology in Ukraine, was made possible through a $250,000 gift from Ms. Irene Hoffman of Southport, NC.

Discussions have already been taking place with the Embassy of Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United States Valeriy Chaly and staff members, with the intent of maximizing efforts for the program. An initial public announcement was made last week by U.S.-Ukraine Foundation President Nadia McConnell to a gathering at the Foundation’s offices which included Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze.

The innovative new initiative fits in very well within the Foundation’s Economic Development Program which has been adding activities over the past several years.

To capably work in the biotech sector, the Foundation recently became a member of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, which is the world’s largest trade association representing biotechnology companies, academic institutions, state biotechnology centers and related organizations across the United States and in more than 30 other nations. The Foundation is the only member representing Ukraine.

The Biotechnology Initiative will have the positive effect of expanding educational and economic opportunities for the People of Ukraine. By encouraging innovative approaches by students, researchers, entrepreneurs, and small and medium size businesses, this initiative will advance the state of biotechnology in Ukraine.

Working with public and private sector leaders, the Foundation aims to heighten the awareness of the benefits of the biotechnology sector for Ukraine, the positive impact it will have on the economy, and on the lives of the People of Ukraine.

The Foundation envisions providing financial assistance in the following ways:

  • Grants to Ukrainian entrepreneurs of start-ups and small/medium size businesses to support business innovation, on-going development, infrastructure needs and research.
  • Grants to Ukrainian graduate students, researchers, and others who wish to attend or participate in a biotechnology conference or similar educational experience, such as an internship, in the U.S. with a biotech-related company or organization; the Foundation will provide assistance in the form of conference fees, travel grants, housing stipends.

The Foundation envisions providing financial support for the following activities:

  • Developing cooperative relationships between Ukrainian and U.S. biotechnology players through trade shows, conferences and other networking opportunities.
  • Stimulating U.S. corporate support for small Ukrainian biotech companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs.
  • Facilitating internships in the U.S. for Ukrainian university and post-graduate students.
  • Organizing and promoting U.S. experts to travel to Ukraine for training, networking and advisory purposes.
  • Advocating for the development of biotechnology in Ukraine.
  • Encouraging the development of biotech incubators in Ukraine.
  • Working with Ukrainian government officials to enhance biotech development and opportunities in local and regional jurisdictions.

Join the Initiative!

The Foundation realizes that beneficial relationships will assist in the development of this program, so that it will be seeking:

  • U.S. experts and companies to be part of the Foundation’s Biotechnology Advisory Council,
  • Ukrainian individuals, interested or active in biotech activities, to become participants of the Initiative, and
  • Ukrainian companies and organizations to join in the Initiative.

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