The German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) and the Friends of Ukraine Network (FOUN) Democracy and Civil Society Task Force held a Strategy Session on Ukraine’s 2019 Elections featuring Mary O’Hagan, Ukraine Resident Senior Director at the National Democratic Institute; Stephen Nix, Regional Director for Eurasia at the International Republican Institute; Orest Deychakiwsky, former Helsinki Commission senior policy advisor and current U.S.-Ukraine Foundation (USUF) Board Vice-Chair; and Jonathan Katz, Senior Fellow at GMF.  The September 17th discussion at the German Marshall Fund focused on voter attitudes regarding key issues and candidates as reflected in national polling in Ukraine, the influence of Russian disinformation and other interference, financing of the candidates, fair and balanced media coverage, the role of civil society, the makeup of the Central Election Commission, OSCE election monitoring, and what the U.S. can do to help Ukraine conduct a transparent, free and fair election campaign and democratic vote that will meet international standards.

The presidential elections in Ukraine will take place in March 2019 with parliamentary elections to be held in October 2019.  The results of the elections will certainly shape Ukraine’s future reform trajectory, relations with the U.S. and the European Union, and security vis-à-vis Russia.

The FOUN Democracy and Civil Society Task Force is co-chaired by Jonathan Katz and Orest Deychakiwsky; the Vice Chair is Adrian Karmazyn of USUF.  The Friends of Ukraine Network is an initiative of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation.



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