The Economic and Energy Task Force is part of the Friends of Ukraine Network established by the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation (USUF) as an outgrowth of the Foundation’s policy dialogue series. Its purpose is to examine and help facilitate greater business and investment development in Ukraine by providing recommendations, analyses and a public platform for discussion of Ukraine’s economic needs and progress in establishing the necessary reforms and steps to increase the country’s overall business climate and energy needs. In addition, the Task Force will provide recommendations to U.S. policy makers to help facilitate U.S. and international assistance to Ukraine. The upcoming presidential election in Ukraine can be a crucial turning point for the country’s reform efforts and support by the international community. As a result, the Task Force is committed to working closely with U.S. and Ukrainian policy makers to ensure continued progress of the reform efforts. The Task Force is chaired by Ambassador Roman Popadiuk, who also serves as Chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Chairing the economic work of the Task Force is Anders Aslund (Atlantic Council) while the energy sector is chaired by Edward Chow (Center for Strategic and International Studies).

A special subgroup of the Task Force is the Defense Group whose aim is to provide specific recommendations related to the privatization and facilitation of investment in Ukraine’s defense sector in order to help Ukraine’s economy and to also help strengthen the organization and functioning of Ukraine’s military sector. Serving as Chairman of the group is David Rigsby, who is also a member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Activities of the Defense Group fall under direction of the Task Force.

Photo at top of page:  Amb. Roman Popadiuk (R), FOUN Economy and Energy Task Force Chair, with Irene K. Joseph (center), a leading financial supporter of  USUF’s Biotechnology Initiative, and Nadia K. McConnell, USUF President.  The  Biotechnology Initiative is a leading example of USUF efforts to support economic development in Ukraine.

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