General Philip M. Breedlove,  former NATO Supreme Allied Commander for Europe, was part of a U.S.-Ukraine Foundation (USUF) Friends of Ukraine Network (FOUN) group of experts presenting their Priority Recommendations for U.S. Assistance to Ukraine 2020 at the Diplomatic Academy in Kyiv earlier this month.

When asked about his membership in FOUN — in an interview published in Den (The Day) newspaper — General Breedlove said that it’s no secret that from the very start he has been a strong supporter of Ukraine’s struggle against Russian aggression.

While describing the significant ongoing defensive military assistance that Ukraine receives from the United States, General Breedlove underscored Ukraine’s substantial defense industry capabilities and the importance of attracting investment to help improve the sector’s capacity and effectiveness.

As Ukraine aspires to become a member of NATO, General Breedlove said that it’s important for Ukrainians to focus on the language of the NATO treaty which, he said, essentially states that nations are responsible for developing their own defense capabilities so that they can help defend others.

Even though Ukraine is currently not a member of NATO, he encourages Ukraine to continue deepening its cooperation with the alliance, as is the case, for example, with Sweden and Australia, who are not NATO members.

To read the full interview in Den, click here.

To read the USUF Friends of Ukraine Network Priority Recommendations for U.S. Assistance to Ukraine 2020 click here.

Photo at top of page: Gen. Philip Breedlove (third from right) seated between Ambassadors John Herbst (L) and Sandy Vershbow at the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine on September 12th.  They are members of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundations Friends of Ukraine Network. (Credit: Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine).

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