Herman Pirchner, President of the American Foreign Policy Council, spoke at a recent (June 15, 2018) Helsinki Commission Briefing titled Reality vs. Rhetoric: Assessing the Trump Administration’s Russia Policy.

In its announcement about the briefing, the Helsinki Commission wrote: “The polarization of views surrounding President Trump and Russia continues to complicate an objective assessment of administration policy toward Moscow. Despite repeated comments by President Trump expressing a desire to improve relations with Russia, the U.S. Government continues to advance what is arguably the toughest policy toward the Kremlin since Ronald Reagan’s first term. This public briefing discussed the relative value Vladimir Putin places on conciliatory gestures vs. actual concessions that seem increasingly unlikely to materialize. It also assessed the likely trajectory of U.S.-Russia relations for the remainder of the Trump presidency.”

In an on-camera interview, the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation asked Herman Pirchner to summarize the main message of his presentation at the Helsinki Commission briefing. USUF also asked him what he’ll be watching for in terms of next steps in U.S.-Russia relations. (The interview was conducted by Adrian Karmazyn).

Herman Pirchner is a member of the Friends of Ukraine Network, an initiative of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation.

To watch a video of the Helsinki Commission briefing and read a transcript of the proceedings click here.

Photo at top of page: Panelists at a Helsinki Commission briefing on the Trump Administrations Russia Policy.  (The image is from the Helsinki Commission website).

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