For Ukraine February 20th is the official day of recognition for the original Heavenly Hundred who were killed on the Maidan. 

Since those murders of 2014, those who have died for the cause of freedom in independent Ukraine have become the Heavenly Thousands that have given their lives in defense of the freedom and independence of Ukraine.

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation was to commemorate this day with a special speaker Bonnie Carroll founder and President of TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors).

Due to the winter storm advisory we had to cancel.

However, please commemorate this day, and the Heavenly Thousands, by viewing this short video about the founding of TAPS Ukraine: TAPS Ukraine! (click on the link).

The best way for us to honor the fallen is to support the surviving families.

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation is partnering with TAPS in this important endeavor.


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