I’m very grateful to the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation for the opportunity to participate in the internship and to learn so much not only about the USA and its political system, but also to gain valuable knowledge about the relationship between the two countries.

My experience in Summer 2016 was thrilling, useful and unforgettable. The Internship at the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation greatly expanded my horizons and at a deeper level helped me to understand geopolitical processes in the world. Also, I had an opportunity to participate in conferences and discussions at places like the Atlantic Council, the Ukrainian Caucus in Congress, the Johns Hopkins University, etc.

Moreover, during my internship I met many compassionate, wonderful people, who become my friends. The experience of this internship will always be remembered, treasured and, most importantly, used for all my future endeavors.

Today, Anna is a Communications Specialist with USAID in Kyiv.

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