When I walked into USUF’s office as an intern in January 2005, little did I know that in a year from then I would be at the White House, sitting in front of the President of the United States as he signed into law a bill that would establish permanent normal trade relations between the United States and Ukraine. It was a historic moment in U.S.-Ukraine relations, and even though I was just an intern, I had a seat at the table because of my work at USUF related to the bill. I learned a ton in that job, but most of all I learned about the kind of place U.S.-Ukraine Foundation is – a place that takes chances on people, gives them great opportunities, and above all else, does incredible work for the good of U.S.-Ukraine relations. I’m so honored to have been part of the USUF team.

Ms. Matselioukh currently serves as the Global Supply Chain Operations Director at Chemonics International.

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