For the second time in less than a year, the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, as part of its Health Care and Humanitarian Aid Program and its #SoundTheAlarmForUkraine Campaign, has organized the release of medical supplies and equipment to Ukraine.

U.S.-Ukraine Foundation Sends Another Large Container of Medica

Over the course of the past 18 months, the Foundation has provided nearly $600,000 in financial resources or medical product to Ukrainian hospitals and organizations involved in treating those injured from the war in Eastern Ukraine.

For this cargo shipment, the Foundation has coordinated the eventual delivery to Kharkiv with the NGO, the International Agency for Regional Development – GloBee, which is located in Kharkiv and is engaged in providing humanitarian aid to hospitals in the region.

The container, with its cargo valued at an estimated $150,000, is loaded with high-quality medical equipment including hospital beds , examination tables, portable chairs with transformers, oxygen concentrators, wheelchairs, supports for internal injections, donor chairs, medical furniture , surgical packs and other high-valuable medical supplies.

In seeking and obtaining humanitarian supplies here in the U.S., the Foundation primarily works with the Brother’s Brother Foundation, a Pittsburgh-based international charity with warehouse facilities in Northern Virginia. Overseas shipping coordination is handled by the firm, Meest America Inc.

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation wishes to thank its many donors and volunteers who have generously contributed financial gifts or their time in making the Foundation’s humanitarian aid work successful over the past 18 months.

Photo Caption: The Foundation’s Nadia McConnell , Yuliya Solovey and Tetyana Neeley are surrounded by staff members of Brother’s Brother Foundation of Merrifield, VA

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