Nataliya Popovych and Gennadiy Kurochka, co-founders of the Ukraine Crisis Media Center (UCMC), and their colleague, Vilyen Pidgornyy, dropped by the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation during a mid-July visit to Washington. UCMC was launched in March 2014  to provide the world community with accurate and up-to-date information on the events in Ukraine, as well as challenges and threats to national security, namely in the military, political, economic, energy and humanitarian spheres.

Since its inception, the Ukraine Crisis Media Center has hosted over 3,000 events involving more than 7,500 participants, civic activists, experts, politicians, authorities, diplomats, civic activists and opinion leaders. UCMC has prepared and circulated more than 200 original materials and over 6,700 press releases for Ukrainian and foreign mass media. UCMC has been visited by more than 7,500 representatives of domestic and international media.

During their visit to USUF, Nataliya Popovych, Gennadiy Kurochka and Vilyn Pidgornyy discussed opportunities for partnering with the Foundation, particularly aimed at increasing the distribution of materials about Russia’s hybrid war in the Donbas and about the numerous Ukrainian success stories that are often overlooked by the media in their news coverage.

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