Seven Ukrainian entrepreneurs were members of an international IT Startups delegation that came to the United States under the auspices of the Commerce Department’s Special American Business Internship Training (SABIT) program.

According to Tanner Johnson of SABIT, the goal of the program was to introduce these entrepreneurs to several U.S. startup ecosystems with the potential of future business collaboration and development. The group’s meetings and networking opportunities included acceleration programs, venture capital investors, American entrepreneurs, and service providers in areas like finance, tax, and legal consultations.

The delegation traveled to New York City, Boulder (Colorado), Silicon Valley (California) and Washington DC.  While in the capital area, they visited the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation (on June 29), where the Ukrainian startup entrepreneurs talked about their companies and their unique, promising innovations.  During the discussion, they spoke enthusiastically and confidently about their businesses, saying that launching a startup in Ukraine is “easy” — while acknowledging that they need assistance in reaching out to developers, scaling up production and accessing U.S. expertise in finding their niche in a huge, competitive global market.

The Ukrainian members of the startup delegation were: Pavlo Aleksievych (Founder/CEO of GavaGava), Andrii Borysov (Founder/CEO of MMOne), Ruslana Dovzhyk (Co-Founder/CBDO of TechNovator XE Innovations), Svitlana “Lana” Malovana (CEO/Co-Founder of Raccoon Technologies),  Anastasiia Zahorodniuk (Co-Founder/COO of VRNET), Anton Holovachenko (CEO of UniExo ) and Roman Sakun (CEO of Hushme)

In an interview with VOA’s Yulya Yarmolenko,  Mr. Sakun described his company’s voice mask for conducting private smartphone conversations in open offices spaces and public places.  The device made quite a splash at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundations supports business development in Ukraine through its Biotechnology Initiative, partnership with the Business Community Club, promotion of Ukraine at the annual New York Times Travel Show and other projects.

Photo at top of page: SABIT program Ukrainian startup entrepreneurs at the US-Ukraine Foundation.  From left:  Adrian Karmazyn (USUF), Andrii Borysov. Svitlana “Lana” Malovana, John Kun (USUF), Anastasiia Zahorodniuk, Pavlo Aleksievych and Ruslana Dovzhyk.

Below is a list of the members of the Ukrainian IT startup delegation, including descriptions of their companies. The information was provided by the SABIT program.

Pavlo Aleksievych
Founder/CEO, GavaGava Ltd.
Rivne, Ukraine
Company Description: GavaGava, LTD launched several prototypes before deciding to concentrate on mobile applications for children. The company has recently published its first application “The Giant Turnip”, promoted in the Apple Store, and there are four more applications in development. The distinguishing features of their product are high-quality artistic and graphic content, connected with educational and entertainment value. Their business model foresees both sales through app stores, and partnering with FMCG producers on advertising and product placement.

Andrii Borysov
Founder/CEO, MMOne Company
Odessa, Ukraine
Company Description: Mr. Borysov’s inspiration is the world of computer games and virtual reality – games have become more realistic, but physical feelings and sensations have remained mostly in the imagination. Their goal was to create something that would make it possible to feel everything that happens on the screen, and they have created a unique hardware motion platform that can integrate any type of content, including games (racing, space simulators, rollercoasters, etc.) or educational programs. MMOne’s robotic motion simulator is TUV (Germany) certified.

Ruslana Dovzhyk
Co-Founder/CBDO,TechNovator XE Innovations Inc.
Kyiv, Ukraine 
Company Description: TechNovator XE is an R&D and manufacturing company that produces remote wireless charging products. TechNovator Innovations Inc. is registered in the United States with the goal of launching the product on the U.S. market. Their product is the only wireless charging solution that provides long distance wireless charging (in a 5-meter radius) and is completely safe for humans and animals. Their solution is based on RF technology that is safe yet sufficient to charge up to 5 devices simultaneously. In addition to consumer electronics, they are eyeing industrial and IoT applications for their charger.

Svitlana Malovana
CEO/Co-Founder, Raccoon Technologies, Inc
Kyiv, Ukraine
Company Description: Raccoon.World develops gadgets for hands that differ in complexity, functionality, and price to different audiences. They solve the problems of people with hand disabilities, providing an innovative hand rehabilitation solution in the form of pleasant and engaging gaming. Their solution can be used in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, or at home, and is based on three main components:
1.Raccoon.Clip – from a previous product iteration, a universal controller for video games and mobile VR/AR that is placed on the palm like a clip;
2. Complex software for doctors to gather information and to create gaming-based rehabilitation programs;
3. An iOS/Android application for users to control their success.

Anastasiia Zahorodniuk
Kyiv, Ukraine
Company Description: VRNET is a company with offices in Kyiv and Tallinn (Estonia), dedicated to helping property developers, architects, and real estate companies enter the new and exciting market of virtual reality demos/visualizations. Their VR Showroom and VR Studio products allow quick and easy conversions of 3D designs into virtual reality showrooms; in addition to speeding the creation of the virtual reality demo, they also have lowered the technical specifications necessary for a superior quality VR feed, making it accessible to 95% of Internet users.

Anton Holovachenko
CEO, UniExo
Kyiv, Ukraine
Company description: UniExo aims to help people with injuries and movement problems restore the motor functions of their bodies with modular robotic exoskeleton devices. The device improves the patient rehab process for all limbs – detecting your body position, and with robotic algorithms, creating a rehabilitation program under the remote supervision of a doctor.

Roman Sakun
CEO, Hushme Inc.
Kyiv, Ukraine
Company description: Hushme Inc., established in 2016, is a small manufacturing company that developed Hushme – World`s first voice mask for smartphones. This personal acoustic device helps to protect speech privacy when speaking on the phone in open space offices and public places. Their “mask” made an impression at CES 2017 and the company has successfully raised funds online multiple times.

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