The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation held a strategic planning session to discuss the mission and goals of the organization in the context of a continuously evolving partnership between the United States and Ukraine.  The discussion, held in Washington on April 21st, was facilitated by Dr. Jonathan Peri, President of Manor College in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.

Members of the Board of Directors, Board of Advisors and staff of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation held a lively and thoughtful discussion that will inform USUF’s strategy for supporting Ukraine’s security and democratic and economic development–based on a vibrant U.S.-Ukraine relationship.  Participating in the session (in alphabetical order) were: Vera Andrushkiw, Markian Bilysnkyj, Amb. Clifford Bond, Michael Buryk, Edward Chow, Orest Deychakiwsky, Olya Duzey, Adrian Karmazyn, Anizia Karmazyn, John Kun, Deanna McConnell, Nadia K. McConnell, Robert A. McConnell, George Masiuk, Jim O’Beirne, Jonathan Peri, Marilyn Pifer, Amb. Roman Popadiuk, Tanya Shea, Chrystia Sonevytsky, Michael Snytkin, and Amb. Temuri Yakobashvili.

Participants of the USUF Strategic Planning Session. (Photo by Tanya Shea).

In addition to being a college president–of America’s only accredited Ukrainian heritage post-secondary institution—Dr. Peri also serves on five different education-related state boards. He has helped many nonprofit organizations to form their strategic plans.

Photo at top of page: At the USUF Strategic Planning Session, from left: John Kun, Nadia K. McConnell, Jonathan Peri, Roman Popadiuk and Markian Bilynskyj.   (Photo by Adrian Karmazyn).

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